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Tech Mahindra to add 611 seats at Bhubaneswar centre, taking total seat count to 1,111

Tech Mahindra to expand operations in Bhubaneswar
Hyderabad: Tech Mahindra Ltd., the country’s fifth largest technology services provider, is expanding operations at its facility in Bhubaneswar in Odisha.
The firm will add 611 seats at its Bhubaneswar development centre, taking total seat count to 1,111. Tech Mahindra began operations in Odisha with 25 people in 1997. It services some of its Fortune 100 customers from this facility.
Tech Mahindra’s workforce recently crossed the 100,000-mark, when it acquired US-based telecom services provider, Lightbridge Communications Corp.
“Tech Mahindra is present in Odisha since 1997 and we are overwhelmed to see the abundance of talent here,” C.P. Gurnani, managing director and chief executive of Tech Mahindra, said in a statement.
The company added that it would hire more people locally to add to its operations base in the region.
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