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Swati Rathor and Swati Bharadwaj
Pandemic showed how crucial cheap generic medicines are. But can Big Pharma be made to agree?
Will Smith’s extreme reaction at the Oscars may have been unwarranted but Chris Rock’s joke has hit a raw nerve, especially among those who suffer from the common autoimmune condition, which leaves men and women partly bald
The new financial year brings some new rules that will have an impact on how much you save, what you spend and how much you pay in taxes. A look at some of these changes
The provident fund rate cut means your retirement kitty could be smaller than expected. Here are some additional investments that will help you reach your target
Are you drinking a bottle of water or a bottle of plastic? A new study that has discovered microplastics in human blood, for the first time, flags off concerns about plastics accumulating in our organs
The slain medical student Naveen from Karnataka is a victim of a systematic exclusion that is putting higher education out of reach for many
The relationship between the two countries isn’t just about defence and diplomacy. A look at how soft power binds the two old allies together
And within the party, if a person is denied a ticket, nowadays they simply cross over
Facing economic threats of its own, Beijing is less likely to back Moscow’s war in Ukraine
It was once the land of promise. But it was all frittered away in front of their eyes. As Sri Lanka grapples with the worst economic crisis it has ever seen as an independent nation, its people have started fleeing in droves. Two Sri Lankans who are still in the island nation tell TOI+ just how difficult it is to get by every day and how they are managing to stay afloat
Even though the CM’s position is stable for now, the JD(U) being reduced to the third spot after the BJP and RJD in the state legislature shows a bleak future for Nitish Kumar
Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s biographer helps decode the cricketer’s surprise announcement to step down as Chennai Super Kings captain and what the path ahead might be
After forcing the Centre to back down, the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha was planning to up the ante. But a leadership rift after the recent poll debacle threatens to torpedo the agitation
Pakistan’s prime minister could have been a unifier and builder like none before. He chose to be a divider and destroyer
Bhagat Singh was a people’s hero and envisioned a world of equality and equal opportunities. Various governments over the years have turned him into a ceremonial figure. Will it be different this time around?
Learn right lessons from Russia sanctions. Attempting self-reliance in technology is self-defeating
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